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CNH Industrial N.V. is a Dutch-domiciled multinational corporation with corporate offices in Amsterdam and Basildon for tax purpose. It is controlled by the investment company Exor, which in turn is controlled by the Italian Agnelli family. The company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and on Borsa Italiana: it is a constituent of the FTSE MIB index.

A former employee mentioned, "CNH Industrial has poor and lacks of overall leadership which has lead to a poor cultural environment."


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Former Employee - Buyer says

"I worked at CNH Industrial full-time Cons: Management is far behind the curve, they promot their favorites and punish those who don’t deserve it."

Former Employee - Associate says

"I worked at CNH Industrial full-time Cons: They don’t put you where you get told"

Current Employee - Anonymous says

"I have been working at CNH Industrial full-time Cons: Many departments have long hours and ridiculous over time requirements. When people leave a job, it can take up to a year for human resources to all that open position to be filled, which puts unnecessary stress on departments. Annual reviews are helpful and the bonuses are very small. They claim to offer flexible scheduling, but that is not the case. The vacation policy for new hires is lacking as well."

Former Employee - CNC Machinist says

"I worked at CNH Industrial full-time Cons: Poor management, poor working conditions"

Former Employee - Factory Worker says

"I worked at CNH Industrial full-time for more than 8 years Cons: Company lies record every conversation you have"

Former Employee - Order Picker says

"I worked at CNH Industrial full-time Cons: training was non existing almost none at all"

Former Employee - Software Developer says

"I worked at CNH Industrial full-time for more than 3 years Cons: The cons far outweigh the pros. I’ll start by saying I would never recommend this company to anyone based on my experiences while working here. This company has the worst non-collaborative, backstabbing, cliquey, culture of any company I ever worked. Anyone who rates this company more than 3 stars has never worked for a really good company. - I recommend reading the current employee review titled “** Embedded Software Engineer **”. It provides accurate information. - Ignore the bogus 5 star reviews that only list pros and no cons but indicate this is a “good environment”. These reviews are only posted to boost the company rating. Environment: - Prevalent backstabbing culture. I was stabbed in the back by another employee several times without any corrective action taken. - It is true there are little “cliques” which work against you if you’re not in the group. You’ll be ignored if you’re not in the “clique”. - Lots of cronyism in hiring resulting in people not qualified to be in the position they’re in. They’ve hired a bunch of people from a failing large truck manufacturer near by resulting in a lack of software as a core competency. Alot of “software greenhorns” with no software experience. You will be the scapegoat for software leadership’s lack of software experience. - Most qualified SW people leave this company. Outlook / Work conditions: - For a company of this size its very clear they are not investing in their future. - Company budgets and spending were completely flat no intention of investing in improving the current situation. - They’re over extended on project commitments and understaffed by large numbers which is one of the reasons they have so many open jobs listed. - Current project commitments far exceed their budget and staffing as a result you’ll cover 3-4 jobs. Work conditions are substandard: - In some of the work areas you could smell the sewer from the floor drains. - Plenty of old chairs and cubicles from the 1980’s. - You’ll see numbered metal box rodent traps all over the building. It’s disgusting to think they have a cafeteria and serve food in this building. This place is a total dump! Software Development: - Currently no experience with realistic project scaling, resources, and commitments. Teams are overloaded and understaffed by factors of 20 or more. The team I was on was understaffed by 30-50 engineers compared to their biggest competitor John Deere. You’ll be blamed for not being able to succeed. Even prospective candidates we interviewed would ask about team size and comment on how small it was. Seems the only ones that don’t get it is the leadership at CNH. - To make up for teams being understaffed CNH is overly outsourced. This over outsourcing has created a software architecture that is like a puzzle that doesn’t fit together. They will give money to any contract company who will hack the request together just to get paid. - Due to no process or coding standards the SW code bases show a total “hack-fest” approach to development. No discipline in coding or review of code. They've been developing code for 5+ years without process or coding standards. You’ll be walking into a mess regarding the SW code repositories. - SW developers you will set your career back 20+ years working here. - No product portfolio, program, or project management exists resulting in vehicle programs being late. I ended up having to also be the project manager for all my projects since there wasn't any organizational acknowledge for this need. - Horrible IT and network infrastructure. Network runs really slow. Employees would work from home because the networks speeds were faster through a remote login than in the building. - Network was not setup for global SW development, no multi-site capabilities, remote sites would download the source code repository every morning, also no dedicated build environment or build team for SW. They wouldn’t pay for the multi-site upgrade for software sharing capabilities. These are all signs that they aren’t prepared or investing in multi-site global SW development. General: - Get your money upfront. Company will low-ball you on the salary offer (I was asked me 3 times during my initial interview if money was the most important thing). I was evidently making more than they were willing to pay. Don’t be sold on promises of big bonuses. They do occasionally happen but not always. - You will work like a dog. Employee moral is really low. There is no recognition or acknowledgement of success. I shipped new products and there was no recognition at all. They don’t know how to celebrate success. - Most good people leave after 3 years vestint (some leave before). Company has a hard time hiring and retaining people. Any company that was good wouldn’t have a problem retaining it’s employees. CNH doesn’t care about its employees. - With the sell-off of Fiat-Chrysler last year and talk of selling off some of their agricultural brands challenges are ahead and the future does not look bright. Final thoughts: - I've never felt so compelled to write a review after my experience at this company. There is absolutely no reason to consider working here. The environment is absolutely horrible. It's hard to believe this place actually still exists given the TOXIC environment, outdated policies, and lack of software as a core competency. I really set my career back 20 years working here. The best thing I ever did was to leave."

Current Employee - Manufacturing Engineer says

"I have been working at CNH Industrial full-time for more than a year Cons: There is no job security. You might think you are doing great and everyone is happy with your performance and one day you get a letter that you are laid off. It has happened to a couple of my engineer colleagues and no one feels bad about doing that"

Former Employee - Consulting SE says

"I worked at CNH Industrial full-time for more than 10 years Cons: Everything else other than 401k and medical and some of the people"

Former Employee - Accounting Manager says

"I worked at CNH Industrial full-time for less than a year Cons: I was really surprised to find out that such a dysfunctional and toxic work environment even existed. Upper management feels perfectly comfortable screaming at employees in meetings and telling mid-level leaders "not to whine" about working until midnight during close. A lot of petty bickering between departments. Pretty much every employee falls into one of two groups: the downtrodden and miserable or the pompous jerks. I was among the former, so I left quickly."

Deskside Support/Float Technician (Former Employee) says

"Since new management has come on board the company is terrible. Expect a six figure workload with a below average pay rate. Management is terrible and just feeds you the things you want to here with no action behind it"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Overall very bad experience as Roles and responsiblity of senior people changes freqently. No Clarity in Business Vision. Very cheap Management from senior people.l"

Material Handler (Former Employee) says

"This company sucks, they say they want quality parts but they don't care about safety . All they want is numbers and that is what they pride themselves on . So when they say safety first they are full of bull."

Test Engineer III (Former Employee) says

"Poor, people were not very friendly.They have favoritisms in the organization. Some employees picking on some one. Some people had a bad attitude, selfish. Cons: Positive"

Assembler (Former Employee) says

"Favoritism at its finest. If you dont mind getting out your knee pads, you'll do fine here. Treat their employees as if they're "just another number" and the "doors right there"."

Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"Management only cares about numbers not about people, worst place I ever worked, most racist place I ever worked the people are horrible , company doesn’t help you succeed"

Warehouse reciever and packer (Former Employee) says

"Suks and management especially on 3rd shift...non existant. I would go night after night with out ever seeing my supervisor. I actually went 4 hr with no gloves because she didnt go get me any"

Robotic Operator / Production Welder (Former Employee) says

"Used to be a great place to work but Uinon rolled over and let company do what they want ,they don't care about you and your just a number, they ha e a three tier wage system, that's unfair ,stay away Cons: Three tier wage system"

Receiving Specialist (Current Employee) says

"Insurance is the only positive thing at this place. People are treated absolutely horrible and the pay is seriously a sick joke compared to other companies in this same exact industry. This plant has gone through 4 plant managers in 8 years. Cons: Everything else."

Packer (Former Employee) says

"We basically picked and packed up orders for parts here. I don't remember much about this job because I was not there for very long. But I do remember the only reason I left is because I found a different job. Cons: The drive was too far."

Assembly Worker (Former Employee) says

"It doesn’t take long for you to recognize the lack of integrity, poor treatment of those “below” who work the hardest and are overworked, the greed of those “above,” the incompetent way in which the business/production is run- only to benefit those in power, and the overall culture of Case employees. It’s a highly negative work environment where everyone works against each other and tractors are shipped out with concerning numbers of defects. Quality is not a priority and numbers mean higher ups bonuses. The union is ineffective and lacks integrity as well. There’s no such thing as teamwork here, rather the opposite. If you care about your family life, health and well-being, do NOT work here. It’s a Concerningly HIGH turnover for a reason. Cons: Lacks integrity, impossible demands, overworked, no incentives, poor management"

Employee (Current Employee) says

"I would NOT recommend working for this company. The environment is HIGHLY negative and the "us vs. them" mentality is something that most employees possess. There is no teamwork or collaboration between colleagues and it appears that no one either wants to do their job or is competent enough to do it. Many people frequently use the line "it's not my job." Training is non-existent and everyone works against each other rather than together as a team. The surprising thing is that this is encouraged. There is no work flow and a LOT of waste that goes on in various areas of the plant. The union representation is minimal to say the least for anyone employed after 2004. I have seen, heard and experienced several issues that occur while working for this company and the lack of advocacy and representation makes you wonder why you pay dues. If you don't agree to be a part of the union, they encourage harassment and bullying to anyone who is not pro-union. Another big issue is the company's "health services" department. Anyone who suffers a work related injury is treated very poorly and the representatives in the medical room have been known to treat employees in a very unkind, unprofessional and incompetent manner. Every day that you come into work, you will likely be surrounded by people who engage in behaviors full of anger, hatred, backstabbing, and any other negative trait. You would frequently hear others talk about how much they hate their job. The pay is decent but your mental and physical health are much more important! Your vacation time is decided for you by using it during Cons: Poor training, lack of communication, negative work environment"

Employee (Current Employee) says

"There is no communication between management and employees. Union is a joke/terrible-non existent service. Safety and quality are secondary to quantity. The hardest part of the job is not having the right equipment to do your job. There is nothing enjoyable about CNH. Cons: management, union representation, benefits/time off"

Assembly operator (Current Employee) says

"CNH is a horrible company. I seen 5 managers in a short period of time quit because of the work environment. The upper managers put on them and never replaced or if so they were worthless and the team leaders have to step in and make supervisor decisions. Good place to get tons of overtime and 10 minute breaks and barely enough time to get a drink or snack. Managers having affairs and supervisor business is spread like wildfire from their own mouths. Very unprofessional place to and the point system is terrible, you have to sign up for FMLA if you have a family issue because they don't care if you lost a family member they don't send flowers or a card to you and expect you to come back on the next day after the third one of being paid. Don't waste your time. Cons: Overtime and a lot of it, bad managers from top to bottom and the ones leave or retire."

Warehouse Associate (Former Employee) says

"Management is below poor. They have their own little group that covers up for each other. Human resources is a joke. Supervisors are someone's buddy that have no knowledge of anything to do with the business. I have seen many, many good people fired just because they hurt someone's little ego. Working as a team is not possible, because the associates are constantly monitored on production. The numbers that management set are impossible, and they know it. Some people are allowed to get by, while others are fired. If you're good at something, they will put you in another area. Experience and years of service mean nothing. If you surround yourself with stupid people, you look a little smarter! If you are an honest, hard working, take pride in your work person, DO NOT WORK FOR CNH! Cons: Ignorance and stupidity"

Production Planner (Former Employee) says

"The company's operations are market dependant and have seen many fluctuations over the years. The instability of the market creates many highs and lows for the company."

manager (Former Employee) says

"High turnover culture where everyone is out for themselves. No raises in four years and performance review system requires that employees be ranked which stifles cooperation and collaboration. Company is run by Italians from Fiat. Cons: No raises"

SAP BUSINESS SPECIALIST (Current Employee) says

"This company use people like soap. Cons: no personal life no salary and no Futur"

Material Specialist (Former Employee) says

"I can honestly say this isn't one of my favorite jobs. However I did learn some neat things on how a tractor is assembled from nothing on the chassis to putting the windows in the cabs."

Contract Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Worked on various projects and with WCM program over two plus years. Management will hide and use whoever they can to get what they can period. Projects are not well run and you never enough time given to do anything 100%. WCM program is very poorly run and not well understood by middle management much less upper. Cons: Management, games, good old boy network."

Riko says

"No pay raises for employees that get excellent reviews. The morale is so low. Way understaffed. Incompetent management who continually over promise and under deliver. Product quality is rapidly declining and platform management doesn’t care. Engineering led by the great folks at FIAT."

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